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Michael Bahan is an international musician and percussion instructor based in Austin, Texas. When he’s not performing, Michael spends his time teaching percussion at Cascade Studios, his music rehearsal studios in Northwest Austin.

After several trips teaching music in the African nation of Uganda – a nation where drums have a special status as a symbol of royalty – Michael became proficient with an array of instruments that are seldom heard in American music. As Michael is fond of saying, “Rhythm is life. Life is rhythm.”

Today, Michael is using his combined mastery of percussion and extensive teaching experience to offer personalized instruction in a wide variety of percussion instruments and musical styles.
I believe that learning to play music is more than just learning a new skill. Because music affects people both mentally and emotionally, my philosophy is to teach in a way that's not only fun, but fosters music-making in a way that builds a lifetime of appreciation and creativity.
I accept students of all ages and skill levels, and offer private one-on-one lessons.

Instruction is available on the drum set, congas, bongos, djembe, cajon, marimba,
 and a variety of other percussion instruments.
  • 30 minute lessons: $120/monthly (once per week)
  • 60 minute lessons: $220/monthly (once per week)
  • Lessons offered in person or via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime
*Please add $5 if paying with credit card/Paypal

*Lessons are also available from legendary Texas Tornados drummer Ernie Durawa.
**Lessons on other instruments are available through New School of Music within Cascade Studios. For more information, please visit
Julie A.

Michael is an amazing drum teacher! I have learned so much from him in a short amount of time and my drumming skills are vastly improving. He is a very patient and creative instructor and I am never bored with our lessons. I would highly recommend him to any level of drummer!

Magicsam S.

Michael has taught my 10-year old daughter drums for nearly 4 years.  In that time, he's taken her from an absolutely beginner with zero experience to a place where she's skilled enough to play live in an all-girl roc band ("Midnight Butterfly").  Michael is an incredible drummer; a master in multiple genres and styles of drumming, but an even better teacher.  Teaching kids is an art, and he's forged an amazing relationship with my daughter-  She truly loves her drum teacher (except when he makes her play jazz; but that's her problem!).



To schedule a lesson or to learn more, send me a message here or give me a call at (512) 779-0384

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Classes are held at Cascade Studios
9705 Burnet Road, Suite 411
Austin, Texas 78758
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